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Gardex is your single source solution for custom tool manufacturing services providing unmatched quality at an affordable cost. Our team puts together all the pieces that turn your concept into a reality and helps you build tools focused on quality and user experience. Our foundation is grounded in the belief that superior engineering and meticulous manufacturing practices are the cornerstones of producing high-quality, enduring products. This dedication to quality permeates every facet of Gardex, from our personnel to our state-of-the-art facilities, our customer experience approach, and our overarching philosophy. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to quality is exemplified through our rigorous vertical integration strategy, wherein all production processes are carried out in-house using top-end equipment across our five cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. By entrusting Gardex with your manufacturing needs, you stand to benefit from substantial cost savings, minimized quality concerns, punctual deliveries, and a shorter time to market. With a full range of innovative hand and striking tools, we can streamline your production requirements.



Hardening & Tempering

Injection Moulding

Wood Handle Turning

Surface Finishing


Assembly & Packaging


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